Thursday, May 26, 2016

We're coming back!

I haven't been to Marinduque for over 6 years now, since December 2009, and in that time I have missed the place every single day!

This is about to change .. flights have been purchased, a lot of my stuff has been packed and sent in balikbayan boxes .. in 2 months' time I'll be back 'home'.

I have heard from friends that nothing much has changed in the time I have been away - power is supposedly more stable than it was in 2009, the philippine peso is stronger now than then (by about 27% actually, compared to the €), dengue is even more common than before.

My first stay in Marinduque wasn't very well planned - the idea was to move to the Philippines and work out the details later, Marinduque was chosen simply because someone mentioned it in an expat blog and I liked the look of the place! This time I aim to be a bit better prepared.

I have sent over a Voltronic Axpert KS power controller .. this device connects to a battery bank and solar panels and should ensure I have proper stable power, year round, without depending too much on the 'new improved' Marelco. I also have warned my clients that this is a rather permanent move, so they should know what to expect. I'll need to get myself a car on arrival, buying a Philippines 2nd hand car is going to be quite an adventure first time round. I have no idea what to expect, the ones that I see on seem to all have very low mileage compared to what I would expect for a similar model car here in Europe. Very fishy!

The other issue I have given a lot of thought to is protection from tropical diseases, dengue in particular. We live rather far away from dense settlements so I am hoping there is less chance of encountering an infected mosquito however children do need to go to school and I will be travelling into Boac daily so the risk is still there. I have read up a lot and considering putting ovitraps around places where I will be staying often.

I also have this dream of providing training in programming and offering a couple of jobs on Marinduque - there is very little industry on the island and I am sure that Marinduque kids are as bright as those from anywhere else and are hampered by the lack of opportunities unless one moves to the mainland.

2 months to go .. I'm counting .. really excited to be back!