Saturday, May 30, 2009

a couple of photos ..

this is the view from my plot in Gasan, looking out to sea ..

and this is me playing King of the Castle (well .. the castle has yet to be built .. out of sand maybe?)

this is a panoramic photo of the beach, with the sun at my back.

A rainy day ...

it's been raining all day today, and when I say raining I mean really raining - very heavily. In the afternoon we went to Boac to get something for supper - I bought 3 small yellowfin tuna, total of 750g, for the grand sum of 90 pesos. The woman at the stall even filleted them for me!

This evening I saw the biggest gecko i've ever seen in my life, he was in our WC, probably came in to shelter from the rain outside - the WC roof is made of steel, and there are cracks a gecko, even a big one, can get in through. This particular gecko was about a foot long including his tail, and a sort of blueish colour with red dots - very beautiful for a gecko! There are a number of smaller geckos living in the apartment, they hunt at night and you can hear them calling. I let them be - they control the insects, which is a bonus.

a bit of further research reveals that this was a 'Tokay gecko'

Welcome ..

hello! I am Dave, and I am Maltese, from Malta, in Europe.

I am currently living in Marinduque, which is an island that is at the geographical centre of the Philippines. I've been here a couple of weeks only, but i've rented a flat, set up my stuff, and yesterday signed a contract on a plot of beachfront land that will eventually be my home here. I am living with my girlfriend, Laila, who is a filipina from Manila, and her son.

The reason behind this blog is firstly as a space to share thoughts, photos, and keep a rough diary of the goings on here - Marinduque is a truly beautiful island - it should also provide some insights that might be useful to the expat considering life in the Philippines, or even in Marinduque.

It's raining right now, and there's a plate of cold fresh pineapple waiting for me .. so .. later!