Saturday, May 30, 2009

A rainy day ...

it's been raining all day today, and when I say raining I mean really raining - very heavily. In the afternoon we went to Boac to get something for supper - I bought 3 small yellowfin tuna, total of 750g, for the grand sum of 90 pesos. The woman at the stall even filleted them for me!

This evening I saw the biggest gecko i've ever seen in my life, he was in our WC, probably came in to shelter from the rain outside - the WC roof is made of steel, and there are cracks a gecko, even a big one, can get in through. This particular gecko was about a foot long including his tail, and a sort of blueish colour with red dots - very beautiful for a gecko! There are a number of smaller geckos living in the apartment, they hunt at night and you can hear them calling. I let them be - they control the insects, which is a bonus.

a bit of further research reveals that this was a 'Tokay gecko'