Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome ..

hello! I am Dave, and I am Maltese, from Malta, in Europe.

I am currently living in Marinduque, which is an island that is at the geographical centre of the Philippines. I've been here a couple of weeks only, but i've rented a flat, set up my stuff, and yesterday signed a contract on a plot of beachfront land that will eventually be my home here. I am living with my girlfriend, Laila, who is a filipina from Manila, and her son.

The reason behind this blog is firstly as a space to share thoughts, photos, and keep a rough diary of the goings on here - Marinduque is a truly beautiful island - it should also provide some insights that might be useful to the expat considering life in the Philippines, or even in Marinduque.

It's raining right now, and there's a plate of cold fresh pineapple waiting for me .. so .. later!