Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visit to Marinduque Hot Springs Resort in Buenavista

Today we were invited to the Marinduque Hot Springs Resort, it's a bit of a drive to get there - about 18km from Gasan, which is in turn about 18km from Boac, however the roads on the way are really picturesque and it's a lovely drive. Most of the distance is along the seashore, with beaches to the right, grasslands to the left, and green mountains in the background.

These are the 'tres reyes' islands, owned by Carmencita Reyes who used to be governor of Marinduque - from what I know she's well into her 90's these days, and still a senator! Here in the philippines politics and riches seem to go hand in hand ...

Having arrived at the Hot Springs resort, this is one of the first views .. I didn't take photos of the larger pools (silly me) - there is a main pool, which is deep, and a shallower one for children, both of which have water approximately at body temperature. The one in this photo is the hottest of the pools, and is equivalent to a hot bath .. in the centre of the photo you can see the water coming out from the spring, it's actually very hot to touch! The weird colours of the photo are because they were taken after dusk, and this is actually a very long exposure (13 secs or so if I remember well)

with friends ..

we met this guy, and many of his brethren, in one of the passageways - it's quite a big frog, about 8cm from tip to tail - he froze in place, scared by the camera flash, but when I touched him gently he hopped off on his way ..

this is one of the larger pools, but not the largest one - the covering on top is netting, to stop trees and insects falling into the pool.

What the photos don't show is the excellent supper that came exactly afterwards .. the cook really went out of his way to please us .. we had tanigi (one of the nicest fish around here, 'Spanish Mackerel'), two types of chicken (cordon bleu, and some sort of chinese dish) and rice, with San Miguel to help it on its way!

All in all a very pleasant and relaxing outing .. i'll surely be visiting the Marinduque Hot Springs Resort again soon!