Thursday, September 3, 2009

A trip to the waterfalls in South Boac

Monday, 31st August, was the last day of ramadan, and even here in very christian Marinduque, it's a day off .. together with my good friend Francis and his family, we organised a trip to the waterfalls that are inland at the very southern tip of the Boac region. Getting there takes a bit of doing - there's a car ride over some rather rough country paths, followed by around an hour of hiking to get to the falls proper. It's well worth the effort, though, the countryside is very much unspoilt, and dotted with butterfly farms - this area is prime butterfly territory, and butterflies are everywhere - and the falls themselves are very beautiful, with clean cold water to swim in!

we stopped at this sari sari store, and the owner even brought us pomelo (pink grapefruit) .. as usual the people of Marinduque excel in their friendliness and warmth

these are tokay gecko eggs, glued to the ceiling of a small cavern

this is the waterfall we went to see .. the pool right beneath the waterfall is quite deep, and the water is nice and cold, and very clean

the kids had a great day too!

after hiking back to the car, we took a couple of photos of the pristine Marinduque countryside

Laila, Mito and I ..

and our great friends Francis, Nurissa and their daughter, Maelee.

Mito and his crush :)

on arriving back in Gasan, we stopped at an eatery for a very nice supper of pork with crackling

so .. a very pleasant end to ramadan .. i'd recommend a trip to the waterfalls to anyone visiting Marinduque!