Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lightbulbs that work when the power is out? Perfect for Marinduque

A company called 'Lite-On' is about to release LED-based lightbulbs that look like a traditional incandescent lamp, but have batteries inside that allow them to light for a couple of hours after the power goes out .. sounds perfect for Marinduque doesn't it ?

In more real terms, the best solution I had found to keep my lights (and more importantly, fans) working during a powercut was a 4D truck battery (from the battery shop in Boac), a charger (that came from Raon) and a 'power inverter' (cheapest I could find was from here -> but they're also for sale in Boac, ask at the battery shop.. it's a guy called Eric who sells them. A charged battery will easily keep a fan, energy saving lamps and my laptop going for a day, and a pinch it runs my 32" LCD TV too which is not bad at all!