Monday, July 27, 2009

Moved to Gasan!

Living in Tabi was getting really tiresome - I had rented the flat initially as an office, and the combination of noise (from cars and tricycles passing by at all hours), very poor design and hygiene (from one place it's possible to look through a hole in the ceiling into a toilet on the level above!) was becoming a bit too much to live with. An 'incident' with a large cockroach was the final straw, and we decided to move .. with a bit of help from our friend Francis, we found this place in Gasan - called FYPS - that's really nice! and that we're renting for practically the same price as the place in Tabi ..

this is the facade, the bit we're living in is to the left, you can see our door and window - the place is very small - just a kitchen/living room, one bedroom, and a bathroom, but it's clean, nicely tiled, the bathroom has a proper flushing toilet and shower (unlike Tabi!) .. and the lawn is a great plus!

the view across the lawn in the evening is wonderful, there is even a hummock between the palmtrees, very very comfy!

wonderful sunsets are included at no extra cost!

there are some downsides - there is no ADSL service in Gasan (according to PLDT 'maybe in 1 year') and although I now have a SmartBRO USB modem, there is no 3G in Gasan, so browsing is restricted to about 50kbits at max, and by today's standards, that is *slow* .. still, compared to Globe service, which is unuseable, with Smart, if you wait at least you get what your websites, so I think it's worth it.