Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marinduque construction update - Roof trusses (33rd day)

I haven't posted any photos of the construction site in a while - mostly because the memory card in my camera decided to corrupt itself while I was transferring the files to my computer ..

This is the kitchen area, with a filipino-style bench in place, the pipes to the left are where the main distribution board will be fitted (we're even having an ELCB .. something of a first for a house in Marinduque ..). The walls are being plastered, and the mesh of steel bars on the floor is read for the screed to be laid .. the steel bars are there since the floor is resting on embankment/rubble, and will prevent buckling/cracking if the embankment had to subside.

a slight change of plans here - the sea-facing window in the kitchen will now be a bay window, with angled sides ..

roof trusses are going up too, in preparation for the roofing which will probably be done next week.

a better view of what the roof is going to look like ..

and this is our famous gravity-defying architect himself .. a drumroll please and an applause .. for Mr. Francis-Allen Mandita!