Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ms Gaysan - Gasan 400 year celebration - gay pageant

Gasan is celebrating 400 years since the town was founded, and one of the activities organised by the local council was this gay parade, called 'Search for Miss Gaysan' .. I haven't managed to work out if it was meant to promote gayness, make fun of gayness, or just provide some mass light entertainment. What is sure is that the contestants seem to have taken it quite seriously! For some reason a good percentage of the Gasan male population is gay .. lesbians (which are far more interesting if you ask me ;p) don't make a showing though ..

the initial defile'

costumes ..

this shot is from the 'talent' section .. this particular guy had a monkeyish talent!

and finally .. the swimsuit contest ..

the crowd present was enormous, and everyone seems to have had a great time! We left before the evening gown show - Miss Gaysan was run simultaneously with a dance contest of sorts - rather boring stuff with lots of kids dancing out routines to hip hop, with bits of Michael Jackson thrown in for good measure, for some reason where it comes to music black american culture is the most popular here - it was past midnight by the time the swimsuit defile' ended, and we needed to wake up at 5.30am as usual, to get the kid to school.