Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ms Gasan - Final Night - Lots more photos of beautiful filipinas!

Last night (19th August) was the big night for the Gasan 400 year celebration pageants, with the final pageant for the Ms. Gasan beauty contest .. it started with a bang - a few bangs actually - nice fireworks!

.. but we went there for the girls not the fireworks really ;) here is my personal favourite, she placed as 2nd runner up (which equates to 4th overall) ..

this is the 'modern philippine dress' section .. I didn't know modern filipinas dressed this way, but there's always something new to learn!

contestant number 8, here, actually won the contest and the title of Ms. Gasan 400 ..

and here is the winner of the 'Miss Gasan Tourism' title ..

together with the unofficial winner of Miss Gasan - Sexiest Derriere 2009
(and also the 1st runner up in reality ..)

The swimsuit defile' involved 10 girls aggressively removing their sarongs, to reveal the same terrible bikinis from the bikini show at the Hotsprings a couple of days ago.. maybe for the 500th anniversary they'll find something a bit nicer!

Evening gown is obviously the crowning point of the evening ..

our contestant came well prepared for one of the famous Marinduque 'brown-outs'

the 2nd and 1st runner ups, holding their prizes

There's a much more complete gallery on my facebook account, it can be accessed here :