Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Construction update - 2nd week August

the roof trusses are more and more complete, the doubled up trusses on the front are there because the bottom links were removed to allow the area above the kitchen and living room to be open all the way to the roof (and not have an interior ceiling ie)

wooden form for the extended deck ..

working on the trusses, precariously ..

the deck - with steel bars in place

partly concreted .. the doubled up bars at the ends transfer the cantilever load of the deck extension onto the beam that is supported by the foundations.

seiving sand .. by hand .. the wooden assembly allows the seive to be swung

the concrete deck, now complete and set (a couple of days later)

painting roof trusses with red lead, they will be painted again with red lead primer, and then gloss finish paint in situ.

Meanwhile, the granite and ceramic tiles, glass blocks, bathroom set have been ordered and should be delivered from Lucena. The roof gutter should be delivered today, and the rest of the roof material early next week. more photos will follow then!